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8 Key Builders Business on the Internet


8 Key Builders Business on the Internet

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Now you are motivated enough to start building a business on the Internet.

But I am sure, you are still confused ... how to start? Is there a key General What You Should Follow In Order To Get Started And In Your Plan building a business on the Internet can be successful?

Good question! there is ... and there must be! Before you learn what and how the Automatic Cash Machine System works, you must first understand and understand some basic keys in doing business on the Internet. Without obeying the key, you will be in trouble earn income from a business model like this.

Here you will find the top 8 key business builders you need understand and follow. If you operate an Internet business with reference to keys following, then success in itself will visit you.


Key # 1: Create Your One Product

In order for you to be successful in running a business online, you must have a product alone. A product that you have the right to market and get 100% profit from him. Of all the business foundations, product ownership is the first requirement Must be fulfilled.


Of course, you can own a product in several ways:

1. Design your own product from the ground up

2. Buy reprint rights to other people's products

After you develop a product that you offer as a product main, add a few spare products to bring layered income. The term is Back End Products. This type of product must support your main product. For example, if you sell airplane tickets, product your reserve can be car rental or hotel accommodation.

Because of the importance of product ownership for your business, I will discuss it this material in a special chapter.


Key # 2: Focus On The Response That Is Most Desirable From your website

What is your goal in creating a website? Very few webmasters apply questions as important as this to themselves. What are you designing for? If you frequently browse on Internet, you will often see websites with different material. With various shapes and layout patterns.

From a very simple design to image-laden designs and stunning flash technology. Because now we are talking about how to make money online, then in itself, the answer to the question “Why do you design website? " is MONEY!

What is your goal in designing a website? To sell something! To make money!

If your goal of creating a website is to make money… then, respond what do you want the most (MOST WANTED RESPONSE - MWR) done by the visitors after they come to your website?

• They buy your product, or

• They leave contact details for follow up

Those two. There is no other answer. You don't need a response from that end amazed by the sophistication of your web design, flash your design interesting ...

I'm sure other webmasters also have the same MWR. They want visitors make a purchase or leave contact data. But mostly, me see webmasters implementing the MWR in the wrong way. They create a website with various links mixed up in it. And even What's worse, they design websites featuring technology Flash is just for getting admiration from visitors.

 If you want to make money selling something on your website, focus on your MWR. Flash is complicated, images that fill websites, links scattered on every corner of your website…. all that will distract the response of visitors.

For example, visit the website My MWR is the visitor makes a purchase on the spot, or the visitor leaves their email address for the next follow up.

Do you see anything that shouldn't be there? Flash for example? Excessive image? Or the dozens of links that carry it out visitors? Observe how I design each text, links, and images in such a way as to lead the visitor towards a purchase.

My main goal in designing websites is to make money. I do not will make money by giving flash. I'll just earn money if they buy my product. If they don't buy my current product that too, i still have their contact data. I can follow them up finally they want to buy my product.

It's the same with you ...

In order for them to buy your product (your MWR), then it should be you think is how to make it buy your product. Focus on MWR you. Design a powerful sales letter, showcasing the benefits they will receive if have your product! Make a special offer that makes him want leave their contact details for you. Next, follow them up they want to buy your product.

Design a powerful sales letter and post it on your website. Give pictures necessary, but don't overdo it. Pictures won't help your sales. Maybe you've heard, pictures represent 1000 words. But it does not apply in the world of marketing, especially on the Internet. They need benefits, and not images. Include only images that will increase response buy them!

Look at the website and you will see 4 pictures of accounts. According to you, do I show the picture there is no reason? I am sure, the response your to our sales letter will be bigger with that picture!

Website with flash is complicated? It will only slow down the loading process. Visitors You will be left before your entire website is flawless. Again, benefits they need. And you can only show those benefits by words.

Flash won't make you rich, it will only slow down the loading process your web page. Make visitors bored and annoyed by slowness the.

Also excessive images and designs… will keep visitors get out before they know what your website is actually about. Too many links ... it will confuse visitors. Once they click on another link, then lost your chance to get their attention.

So, before you design a website ... determine:

1. What is your goal in designing a website?

2. What is the most desired response (MWR) for visitors to make?

3. Focus on your MWR!

If you can answer that important question, congratulations! Please continue to next key ...


Key # 3: Use Direct Selling Principles

A good website is one that can SELL products. If you want visitors buy your product, you have to SELL it to them. If you want them to enter their name and email as a prospect list, you have to SELL by benefiting them.

Everyone has different reasons why they design websites. Just to study, or to show off their abilities? That's right they. It's OK! But I ... and everyone who has ever bought my product, WANT to design a website that can SELL.

Your website must sell, or you will go bankrupt!

If you have an employee language professor, top programmer or web designer reliable… ask them, can they design a website that is SELL?

If neither of them can, then PECAT them before you wasting even more time and money! You don't need standard language, sophisticated programs, or exclusive designs to sell your products. And your visitors also never care about it. The only one that's on The thoughts of visitors when visiting your website are, "OK, what are the benefits what can I take from this website? ".

The best person to write a sales letter for is you. "But I'm not a writer!" you may complain. But believe me, on special discussion later, I will show in detail how you are can design sales scripts quickly and with high value. Write a script product presentation will become easier and more fun. Get the reader's attention, tell them the benefits of your offer.

Show them how other people like your product, and let them try your product freely, without risk. If you want concentrate, sit down and start writing down answers to the question "why me need to buy your product? …” then the entire content of the answer is 90% your sales letter materials!

I cannot fully explain the discussion about sales letters here, there will be a separate chapter that will discuss this issue. However, I will give some common mistakes that online sellers often make when they try to offer their product or service to someone else.

Direct selling mistake # 1 - Lack of headlines

I often see websites that start with “Welcome to our website! ... blah blah blah ...”. And quite frankly, websites like that make

I'm nauseous. And worse, most of these websites do not display headlines or main topics clearly.

The very first thing people should see when visiting a website You are not your photo, and you are not a flash presentation image. As good as whatever the flash! What your visitors need is a headline.

The main topic of your website. Place the headline at the top of the page your website, and in a size that is greater than all material next. Write the headlines in the easiest to read format.

Headlines are advertisements for your website. He must be able to make para the explorer pauses his journey for a while and begins to read the first sentence of your sales letter. Please compare with, you will understand what I mean.

If your headlines can't get them to stop on your website, then all the rest of your website material will be of no use at all.

Direct Selling Mistake # 2 - Not displaying benefits

This is the basic key to writing a sales letter. Your website must include product features and benefits for prospective customers. Product features are product description and description. Benefits are what can be done by the features of these products for their life.

You must always combine these two things, features and benefits. If the product you offer is a luxury car, its features are everything sophisticated equipment in the car. While the benefits is higher security, status increase, due savings the durability of the car when they use it.

In other words, everything you do with your website is bring out the emotional and logical side of the customer. People buy based on their emotions, then give an assessment of the decision they are based on logic.

Think about Mercedes. People buy Mercedes because of them thought how deep the feelings would be for them…. Because mercedes is a symbol of power status. If you ask, why they buy Mercedes, then logic will emerge, namely because it is tough and the comfort of Mercedes on the go. It is a mixture of emotion and logic.

Visit my website. Print the sales letter. Pay special attention to the benefit points that I wrote. And most of it, you will see how my features and benefits combine.

Direct Selling Mistake # 3 - Lack of personality

Don't even write your own website with "WE". I believe You mean you want to be humble, but don't do it in marketing.

Don't make it seem like you are a big company if in fact it is your personal business. That's a big mistake.

It doesn't matter if you speak for your company. But if the information on the website is yours personally, do not use it the word "we"!

I don't care what your judgment is, but absolutely, if you are to sell something, you also have to sell yourself. Your website is written by someone, namely you. It would even be great if you enter your photo. Sign the website as if it were similar to your original signature. But don't show your signature actually in order not to be imitated by people.

Tell me who you are, as I did on the website. Talk to customers as YOU. Write the sales letter material just like you write a letter to a friend while offering a product.

Be friendly. Be approachable. Your website does not appear from your company. He arose and was born from you. You who stand on behind your product warranty. You who stand behind your promises.

So always show them who you are… and why they should be trust you.


Direct Selling Mistake # 4 - No word on consumer satisfaction

Everyone wants to know what kind of results the customer has obtained long after they have purchased your product or service. So. use it testimonials (word satisfaction) from your customers. The more words of satisfaction you have, the better sales will be that you produce.

Show satisfaction sentences that are specific to a particular part of the product you. Real benefits for them. Show people's names and addresses the. If you are on the Internet, display the email address or website.

Even better, if you show photos of the customers who are satisfied with your product.


Direct Selling Error # 5 - No warranty

Buying anything carries risk. Even more so if we buy from the Internet. You buy the invisible product and maybe you are also don't really know the person selling the product.

Take the risk of them (your customers) as much as possible. Offer a warranty to them in as long as possible… 90 days, 180 days, one years and so on. If for whatever reason they try the product you and don't like it, they deserve to ask for money back.

Key # 4: Build a Mailing List and Publish an Ezine

Building a mailing list is vital for your business. Mailing lists are lists your prospect. Ask any successful webmaster what their assets are the most valuable. Their answer is not a product. Not because of location. And not their computer either.

The most valuable asset for them is a prospect list, email list. Your prospect email list is the same as your business. If you don't have email list of prospects, tantamount to you having no business on the Internet. A mailing list should be your primary goal in addition to generating sales. If your website focuses on selling products, so never forget to capture data contact any visitor who has not yet decided to buy your product. This can be done by offering certain information or free products.

In return, they leave contact details for you. If you have any new info, contact them. If you have a special offer, contact them. If there is a new update regarding your product, contact them. Once you have a list of prospects, then you will have no trouble do some marketing efforts to them.

One way that is highly recommended is to publish ezines regularly. Ezine is specific information about the material of your product, for the purpose educate and maintain relationships with prospects. By publishing an ezine, you are not only keeping in touch but also will build confidence in the prospect's self. Once you gain trust them, it is very easy for you to generate sales.

Key # 5: Develop Your Website Uniqueness

What makes your website unique? Why should they buy from you? why not from your competitors?

If you can't answer that question, then I guarantee you visitors will not know the answer. And if there's no excuse that is strong enough for them to do business with you in comparison with others, you will lose them. What makes you better than others?

What added benefits do they ONLY get from you?

The following are some examples that can shape your uniqueness. This is not absolute and you are not required to fulfill it all. Just take some of that most likely for your business.

Uniqueness # 1 - Lower prices

Having a lower price will streamline your unit profit, but will increase sales volume. If you have a grocery store, and next to you recently built grocery supermarkets at cheaper prices, then that's certain your business will go bankrupt.

Uniqueness # 2 - Better quality

You can focus on developing products that are high quality and market it at the appropriate target. For example, Mercedes has a price much higher than that toyota. But he still generates a high level of sales because Mercedes is very focused on the quality of its production. You can imitate this model for your product.

Rather than competing with the cheaper price, the more expensive. Focus on giving product quality that is above the average of your competitors. Think value, no prices for product models like this. Value and price are two things very different.

Uniqueness # 3 - Extended warranty and warranty time

Forget the 30day warranty, and start showing me the warranty period prove the goodness of your product. Your product warranty for 90 days,

180 days, 365 days, three years, or even forever. If other competitors only dare to give a 30day warranty, then your one-year warranty will win the competition.

You can develop market dominance by providing guarantees and a better guarantee than others. Show it to the customers you that you are brave and ready to stand behind your product. Do it on when other competitions dare not.

Uniqueness # 4 - Better educational value

What I mean here is not your undergraduate degree. I am personally never over-value titles. Sometimes in business, me didn't put my ST degree in it. And I have no respect people based on their titles, but on their abilities to score real education in the surrounding environment.

And this is what I mean. Give the best educational value from the product for your prospects. Then, continue the education process for your customers and show them how to earn value for your product or service.

I sell information on how to build a business on the Internet. You find what are the factors that drive business success in this area. But apart from that, I also show you the details, how, the best steps need to be done until you can make money from it.

Uniqueness # 5 - A more valuable bonus

If you could provide a value that was higher than every dollar issued by the customer, then they will prefer to buy from you than your competitors.

Include a free bonus on every main product you sell. Do not have to in the form of a product of your own creation. You can use other people's products as a bonus, provided you have permission to do so.

Unique # 6 - Customer service

Many companies are desperately trying to get the prospect's heart. But once a prospect becomes a buyer, they don't serve the customer well.

Use the opportunity to win over the prospect's heart! You can do this in a way

seriously serve them, the best they can. Place the prospects and customer in top position. Hire one special person to serve customers well and quickly.

Uniqueness # 7 - More choices

This is the hallmark of Amazon. He is the largest bookstore in the world. Where, usually other large bookstores are only able to provide the maximum 60,000 book titles. But Amazon, provides all kinds of books ever published in the world. The number… millions!!

If other companies are only able to display 3-4 colors with 3 models different, then your company can display 27 colors and 15 models different. You can take advantage of this kind of concept on the web.

Uniqueness # 8 - Market specific

Instead of running a website for any business, you can focus on running a business only for consultants, auto lovers, real estate agents or another. In other words, concentrate your market and go for it specialization in a particular field.

This will not only make your business distinctive, but also make it more valuable to the audience. You will understand the problem better them than any other competitor.

Uniqueness # 9 - Faster service life

We live in an instantaneous era. Everyone wants service fast. If your customer currently places an order, do it delivery today too. You do not ever say that your product will reach consumers next week. You will definitely be left behind by them.

If you can provide service that is faster than other competitors, then your business will be preferred. They will trust you more and more this is very influential on the success of your business.

Key # 6: Design a Reseller Program For, Your Business

You Have you ever imagined having a salesperson who will promote your service or product without stopping? What's even better, the entire sales force you join voluntarily and everyone, of them enthusiastically introduce your product to others.

Could something like this be experienced by your business?

If you run a business conventionally, this is very difficult to happen. Except if you have large funds to recruit a sales force. To do training them and then monitoring their sales results. Troubled!

How about an online business? Is it possible?

If I answer the question with "maybe", it doesn't seem quite right.

I prefer to answer "MUST!". I highly recommend once you are ready with your business, recruit as many salespeople as possible for your products.

Design a reseller program. Or known as the affiliate program.

What is meant by the reseller program is a form of cooperation where we are as a business owner recruiting salespeople. They don't need to prepare website, serve purchases and so on, because you have all prepared.

Their job is simply to bring as many visitors to the website as possible you. And every sale generated on their recommendation, then they are entitled to a commission from you.

When I first started selling products on the Internet, I was a single fighter. Me just rely on my own energy, time and thoughts to promote. If one day I am diligent in promoting, maybe that day I will get pretty good income. But if once I stop promoting, then income will also stop.

Since I implemented the reseller program at, it's miraculous income seemed to come naturally. It doesn't matter if I do too actively promoting or not, there is always money coming into my account.

Constant, until the following month and year. As I wrote this book, I was has 3000+ salespeople happy to introduce products this to as many people as possible.

At, I give 50% commission for every successful reseller recommend this product to new customers. Fair enough, right?

For example, please access, and type "formula business” or “Business Formula”. You will find almost any search results

The entire list is a list of reseller program salespeople.

and that's only part of it! As you can imagine, it doesn't matter whether I'm sleeping, eating, or on vacation though, thousands of my salespeople will volunteer. According to you, would it be too much for me to put out the statement, “I earn half a million rupiah per day without much work! ”…?

This key is very important for you to apply. If you don't want trouble make money from the Internet, if you want to double the number of visitors in no time ... or if you want to blow up your business a lot faster

from any conventional business ... there is one suggestion I, create a reseller program for your business. There is no more powerful way to make money than run a reseller program.

You can't!

Due to the importance of this material, a detailed description of the reseller program, specifically on how to organize your reseller script will be found in the chapter next.


Key # 7: Run Cooperation Projects With

Other Webmasters Believe it or not, none of the most successful webmasters today can succeed only of their own efforts. They are also looking for help to build his business.

One of the keys to a successful business on the Internet is regularly participating in joint projects with other webmasters. The foreign term: joint venture. That is, a project in which you combine your assets (customers, advertising, products, services, knowledge, expertise, traffic, etc.) with other webmasters who are have similar but not competing prospects.


For example: maybe your strength is being able to produce e-books high quality for sale online. But you only have that prospect a little. On the other hand, you know someone who has managed a mailing list for her weekly ezine. There are so many mailing list members. He needed product for sale, but didn't have time to design it. Here the project cooperation happens. You combine your assets (products) with his assets (prospects) so that it can bring mutual benefits. You provide the product, he is who sells it, and you both make 50% of the profit each. This nothing will happen if you work alone.

In the world of Internet business, there are thousands of collaborative project ideas, so it's impossible discuss all of these ideas in this e-book. But what you need to remember is, do collaborative projects with others. You will get more benefits of a marketing collaboration model like this.

Key # 8: Automate Your Business

If you understand keys 1 through 7, now is the time to go through all of them lock it automatically. But make no mistake, even though the entire system will run automatically, you will still need work. Automation system just to help your main job, which is building a business.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to follow up to thousands of prospects every day if that was all you did manually yourself? Certainly, you can never finish it.

What if every midnight purchase process failed to happen just because are you asleep? How do you monitor reseller sales and give results they commission if you do it manually? Your office will definitely be full with paper work, and mess!

Every successful online business uses an automated system in it. System automated systems to generate new leads, automated systems to follow endless ups, automated systems to serve orders, deliveries, and

so. You also need to automate monitoring of reseller activity, monitor traffic, sales results and share commissions. All must automatic. The best part about business on the Internet is: you can run most aspects of your business automatically!

Automate your business! And that's what this eBook is for! You will find in more detail how you can build and automate your business.

How can you have your own automatic cash machine?

It doesn't matter what moment Even if you are eating, sleeping or on vacation, this automatic system will carry out most of your duties.

From acquiring leads, to money flowing into your account, mostly works automatically for you. Find out in the rest of the next discussion.

How interesting isn't it?

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