3 important dog training tips


Dog training can be a grueling process but if done correctly, it can be very rewarding in the end. Whether you have a dog in the city, the suburbs, or the country, a trained dog is always easier to handle, especially when it comes to social situations.

1. Be fair with corrections.

Be sure that your dog comprehends what you want before you correct him for not doing it. Also, let the punishment fit the crime. A correction should not be a release of anger on your dog. Instead, a correction is a way to communicate with your dog, a way to foster in him a clear understanding of his place in your human pack. At its mildest level, a correction can be the absence of praise. Before jerking the leash, remember to ask yourself if you're being fair.

2. Be positive.

As a dog's trainer, you must have the right attitude. Praise that is well timed and appropriate is essential to your dog's learning process. If all that you ever do is say "no!" to your dog, your relationship isn't going to be a very good one. How would you like to work with a boss like that?

Praise is cheap and free - so use alot of it! Use praise when your dog attempts to get it right. Use it more when your dog is successful in his task. Use it when your dog pays attention to you, because that's the first step in the training. It's not necessary to be some gushing goof, but you should let your dog know when you're proud of him.

3. You and your dog are on the same team.

Don't think of training your dog as a you versus your dog endeavor. Instead, think about the two of you being on the same team, albeit in different positions. Just as if you were the quarterback, you call the plays. Winning is a team effort. It's just a matter of your dog learning the plays first, and you're the one to teach him.

As a team, you will need to spend time together. Bring him into your life. Let him sleep in a crate in your bedroom, practice his "sits" in the kitchen. The more opportunities for interaction and practice you have, the faster and more reliably your dog will perform.
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